Vinyl Flat record flattener

A good pounding does do that.

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Average charge on the bay was £10 a record ,some vinyl shops do flatten. the machine is just over a grand …cheaper to rebuy the vinyl :grinning:

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Some of the posh machines are over a grand, the Vinyl Flat is a low tech thing: 2 slabs of metal with 2 silicon cushiony things, which bolts together through the spindle hole. Then you either put it in a heated pouch or a very low oven. It’s about $200 for the full kit.

But then plus postage etc from America, so yeah, for the few records I’d need it for, uneconomical.

I know someone on the Wam bought one a few years back, and couldn’t remember if it was someone who’d joined here too, might have been Matt I suppose. My next step would have been to scrounge it for a few days. :grinning:

Lord Nitrogen on the Wam had one which he reckoned worked OK.
he upped sticks and left the country a couple of years ago

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If it’s just a few records, re-buying the records may be the way forward. ‘Success’ rares were variable even with the Orb machine. For example often you could get a warped record (Unplayable) to be playable but frequently it wouldn’t be completely flat. (No flattening machine can rebuild groove walls either so if there is that type of heat or stress damage it’s always going to be there) I guess it depends on the type of damage you have and how valuable the records are.

I have 3 lps that need to be flattened …Prrhaps a flattening session at Settle Rob :grinning:

Ooni and some glass?
Melt them…

Put them under one of the sofas - the combined mass of 3 or 4 Abattoirists should sort them out. :smiley:

That sofa might be verging on having its own event horizon! Put a bunch of warped 12" LPs under it, get back a bunch of completely flat 7" singles.

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I can imagine putting some singles under there and getting some thin LPs back lol

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