Vinyl on the up?


I read somewhere that 2017 new vinyl sales in the UK will pass 4 million - the highest in >30 years iirc.
Now the largest-selling album format. Long may it last :+1:

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In meta terms, vinyl sales are slowing down.

It will remain a niche product. Interest will plateau and sales will drop. But it should remain mostly viable for those companies currently involved.

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The who what and when of vinyl sales is interesting.

“Vinyl sales set to soar past 1 million in December … Vinyl has experienced a boom in the past decade with sales up by 1,472%. … reports that almost a quarter of those who expressed an intention to purchase a record turntable in the run up to Christmas are aged under 35 and almost half (46%) are female.” (Musicweek)

How many stick with the format to the point of progressing into collecting or upgrading equipment will be a fraction of this number. That said record fair attendance is up which is great to see.