Virgin Broadband

Our Talk Talk broadband/phone has crept up to £50-odd a month. Also, although it’s not disastrously slow at around 37MPS, you can definitely notice a slowing down when everyone is using it especially when both the girls are streaming Netflix/Spotify premium/youtube etc

Virgin are offering Broadband/phone for £27 a month for 12m at 108MPS.

Now, after the initial 12m it ramps to £47 and I’m happy to change again, because there are bound to be similar offers around, maybe not offering the same speeds, but whatever. I was wondering how Virgin usually react to threats to leave, do they wave bye bye, or do they give incentives to remain, ie reduce the new price?

They negotiate, or they used to, haven’t used them for a while.

Let’s face it anything is better than Talk Talk

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To be fair mate, we’ve not had a problem with Talk Talk, so not had to contact their customer service after having to set it up.

But how many nuisance calls have you had since they sold all your contact details?

I assume VM is adsl rather than cable, if so you won’t get much higher than the speed you get now and nowhere near the 108 they are quoting.

VM always negotiate and reduce the price.

BT/Talk Talk/sky are fibre to the box at the bottom of the road, then copper to the house. Virgin is brand new fibre, installed in our road just over a year ago.

VM will make you an offer if you ask to be put through to retentions. However it’s more likely to be around the addition of Cable TV channels or some deal on a phone line.

If your getting 37mb of Talk Talk the rest are going to be very similar as they will be using the copper pair to exchange. They then may have there own kit in the exchange or could just be buying the service of Openreach.

VM at 108mb or so will be Cable and they now have 200 or even 300mb services.

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Yes , agreed . We pay 46 a month but friends just got the 27 pound virgin deal and it’s good vfm

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Ah just had a look and the Vivid 100 is actually 108Mbps.

I’d take VM any day of the week as I’ve found them to be brilliant.


Yes I got fed up ringing India for 18 months while I had to sit out my dreadful contract with talk talk

Honestly, no more than I’d expect to get normally. I think we might have joined just after they were hacked.

According to some people I trust they were doing all their hosting in India.
The guys there were getting paid shit so were literally bringing in large USB sticks, copying loads of details and selling them.

Wouldn’t surprise me, although I recall talking to a customer service rep when we first joined and she was South African, said she was in Cape Town. I suppose they have centres all over the place.

no complaints from me on their 300mb broadband and full-fat TV. They do negotiate to a point. I’ve been with them for more years than I can remember and I can count the number of broadband faults on one hand.

Customer centres work fine on the odd occasion I’ve had cause to call.

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If you have any desire to keep your existing phone number, forget it. Virgin promised heaven and earth to my brother, same phone number for 30 years, hasn’t got it now after transferring phone and broadband to them. Seems to be the norm for Virgin apparently.

I use Virgin. I fucking hate them, tbh, but the broadband is amazing. It’s rock solid, I’ve had just 2-3 outages in nine years.

Make sure you get a phone package if you ever use the phone, or a 20 minute call will cost a fiver. Be ready for loads of calls to upgrade your package, but they stop them if you tell them not to call you with marketing.

The new TV boxes are good as well, I have two and you can easily play things from either on each. They are very responsive as well, good as the old ones were shit.

The router is a bit shit, so best to use your own IMO.

I stream video and music all over the house and the bandwidth is just lovely.


Not getting the telly. I have everything I need with freeview and Netflix, plus will be getting Amazon Prime when the new series of The Expanse is due.

Would be nice to have sports, but I’m not paying £90 a month for the privilege.

The phone comes with weekend calls, but I can’t remember when I last used my landline for an outgoing call. We’re only keeping it for my mum and Claires parents.

we kept our number , no problems at all

had a ‘support’ call from a 75 y.o. sprightly lady, email not working.
So a quick remote session, AV was identifying a certificate problem with an imap server.

Asked her to call them and ask when it would be fixed, they said it was a problem with Thunderbird and wanted to charge her £55 to fix.

Added an exception and will dial in weekly to see if they have fixed.

Personally I use Entanet through a reseller, 24x7 UK support straight through to an engineer. FTTC with a bespoke package, throttled during office hours + all you can eat outside of that (70 down / 20 up)

I have no idea what this means :exploding_head: