Visiting Maastricht

What is the easiest way to get to Maastricht?
I am sending my daughter and wife on a long weekend break, and I want the least amount of hassle for them.
My wife will just about be recovered from her hip operation, so want to keep thing as easy as possible.
Thanks for any help.

Turn right at Eindhoven…

Sorry Gregg, couldn’t resist

Lovely place, you’re in for a real treaty


I think easiest by plane to Maastricht-Aachen Airport?
Airport is 8-10 km from city centre.
Bus (feasible after hip operation?) cost somewhere between probably EUR 5 per person or EUR 9 for a day ticket.
Timetable here: (not in English, that is a different rubbish site, not a translation of the original Dutch site)
Just checked with a taxi company, trip by cab around EUR 40 one way

Just noticed there aren’t flights to Maastricht Airport.
From Eindhoven you need to go from the airport by bus to the Railway syation, from there the train which takes about 1 hour.

The site gives you public transport infomation. Just don’t call them it will cost you a fortune.

Good thing about dutch public transport: everything (train, bus, metro, tram) is paid through a contact free chipcard.
Bad thing: you need to have one. Have no idea how it works since I live in Germany and never use public transport. AFAIK you could buy one as a tourist which is not registered on you as a person, no need to connect it to your bank account, you can upload credits at stations.

Thanks Rudy.
I just found flights from London Heathrow to Maastricht, KLM, with a stop?. Leave 06:30 arrive 12:45.
It will probably ne less hassle/changes, than the Eurostar.

I start to doubt about less hassle, since flying UK-NL is 1 hr flying time.
They should’n change plane somewhere in a holiday destination like Alicante or even collect their own luggage again to drop off later for the 2nd stretch.
St Pancras to Brussels is 3 hrs, 45 waiting time, from Brussels to Maastricht by train (2 changes) is another 4 hrs.
Train is then still faster than flying because no boarding, baggage drop off etc…
Ii start to believe Eindhoven is the best bet, otherwise Amsterdam (Easyjet destination)
Let me sleep on it a bit…

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Ryanair from Standard to Eindhoven then the train to Maastricht

Thanks Mark. Doesn’t look too bad. Is the train station, in the airport?

Bugger. Can’t remember. Will look it up.

You would have to get a 6 mile cab in to town for the train. Train is fairly quick though.
Alternatively you can get a train from Schipol to Maastricht, but it takes 2.5 hrs.

Nothing looks really easy.

No. Not the smoothest journey whichever way. Can you not put them on a train to Bruges instead?

Eurostar is 4hrs 19 mins, with two changes. That may be the simplest?!

Only used the train once, when they had the ash cloud problem, and it was pleasant enough. If it is easy enough to to get to ebbsfleet/st pancras/wherever then that might be good.

The bus is 19 min. from Eindhoven airport to railway station. Click below for itinerary.
Maastricht by public transwill will be difficult. A Belgium destination will be much easier.