Voice hearing

Is a poor way of describing it.

Twenty-five years ear infection/surgery place this more as mechanical/aural nerve problem. I hope.
Rather than psychotic.

So having no radio switched on, but sounds much louder than could sleep with. Weird.
Had this described by a friend, years ago,
Louder in your brain than allows peace to rest.

Can still be hearing a YT soundtrack from hours before. Not in outline, but with the details of tuning.

Understand ear-worms. Think this something different.

Walking the local shopping mall is again odd.
Could regard all overhead background audio as self-referential.
So choose to disregard false news.
Ear plugs often used again,

Usually self-medicated sufficiently to control edge of pain/more.

Any extra advice/tips appreciated.

Quite kind of the bathroom ventaxia to be playing (imaginary) Radio 5 already.

Presume interpreting quiet signals oddly.

Not some manifestation of Tinnitus or Hyperaccusis?
Had a family member who went through a brief phase of profound psychosis with vocal accompaniment. Scary for him and for us.

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Big failing of yours Terry; too giving of yourself.

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Get professional help.

There’s no stigma now; it’s just biochemistry. The hormone/chemical balance gets fucked up, and our brain converts it into something with apparent meaning.

There are many ways to treat this. Self medication via shit loads of alcohol might be fun, but not necessarily that sustainable. Doctors have drugs and therapies that work surprisingly well. Go see your GP.


By the end of my working week my care cup contents are getting low.

Plus I struggle to understand 2am Ronglish.

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It may be wise to remove that ear trumpet before firing the gun


So much this, your original post raises far more questions of a clinical nature, any advisory reply based on your post would be absolutely meaningless, grossly unhelpful and very likely wide of the mark. See your GP, he/she will be in the best position to either offer advice, prescribe suitably or refer on to the correct medical discipline. Self medication is definitely not advised and could of course do more harm than good. A talk with a close relative if at all possible may well be helpful. Once again, Do Not Treat Yourself, seek professional advise.


Thank you all for replies gentlemen.

When things going less than well; wiser for me to avoid much typing and screen reading time.

One of the peculiar bits was listening to F1 Melbourne on a laptop directly in front of me.
But with audio apparently coming from the rear wall of the kitchen.
Just try watching it on a screen which is two or three metres from where you are looking at?
Makes non-sense.
Not asking for sympathy, understand you have a tough job.
But weird is weird.

Cleftness of the stick is that can only be referred for treatment if not self-medicating.
Which means bloody endless hours of hearing the stuff.

Moved all treatment centres to places from near here (city centreish) towards centres needing two bus rides,
Which is more than I do once/twice a year, given controlling pain.
Decision to remove service from GP practice probably.
Sure to reduce cost of treatment.
Putting beyond car drivers scope.

Though without any sure way to go when you define it thus.
Most medics seem to prefer to understand this as not real.

So are all aural illusions (music we listen to) unreal too?
[Yes. And no.]
Understood recently that within an inert anechoic room, some part of aural nerve still deals with internal heart, breath sounds etc.

Which you still hear in the acoustically “dead” room.

Try to keep voices within this perspective,
Even within the shopping mall. Which is so echoic.

Aural “psychosis” destroys sleep quantity easily.
Which can make life difficult.

Have you tried sleeping with some of those Bose noise cancelling headphones on?

It seems to be a tricky catch 22 type situation. Without knowing the details I would echo the comments above and suggest a discussion with your doctor is warranted. There must be ways of facilitating the transition from self medicating to treatment that will minimise your distress. Good luck. I hope you find your way out of such a harrowing situation.


Thank you for suggestion, but early surgery left me with much mechanical head discomfort.

Struggle with spectacles.

Know only diminishing this discomfort would make headphones possible.

Otherwise optimal solution.

Another avenue perhaps worth exploring with your doctor or chemist is the side effects and drug interactions of any regular medication that you take. Although an outside possibility, it might be the source of your symptoms. I’ve had horrendous problems in the past with meds causing total havoc in the brain.

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So much #FAKENEWS out there.


Do own research and thinking.

Probably should be grateful that ventaxia only plays 5 live. Mainly.

Thank you for all replies.
Gifted with in-ears with the new phone.
Surprisingly tolerable.

My history is odd, so think this will make sense to few.

Best I can describe is that if can adjust the hearing centre of skull an inch left, will be better.
Have to keep relearning posture to make this an option,

btw listen to Chapdelaine, not me.

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Music is great therapy especially when you’re making it yourself. It activates regions of the brain while quietening other parts down, works for me if I’m worried about something or not in the best place. :slight_smile:

I like the face slap at 2:50. That’s percussive playing with humour!

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No joke for Moyes to make, but sometimes need to give one to self.