Voyd Ref5 Turntable /Triplaner/VDH Orpheus

I purchased this rig last month from Keith 1962…
I’m not techie enough to set the arm /belt up etc so I’ve decided to let it go …Being perfectly honest I haven’t even played it but it sounded sublime in Keith’s system… Turntable is a Voyd ref 5 sitting in a Rosewood plinth with silver triplaner arm and Van den Hul Orpheus cartridge …I paid £4000 for this package so I’m looking to get that back …Delivery can be arranged with costs halvedhopefully or I am attending 2 bake-offs in late January…first one in Chesterfield and next one will be Jim’s near Norwich …I can put photos up later …please pm me if you require any further info …BR Micky


This is the TT i owned from new until Keith bought it off me last year. It sounds almost exactly the same as my Voyd Reference.
Happy to help set it up etc for anybody who takes it on.


There is a separate power supply for the TT ! I believe the the Voyd was the TT that the Lp12 should have been …

Turntable etc Sold ! Gone to it’s former home back to Keith…I’m surprised that no one fancied this …I had a listen at Keith’s with a welcome cuppa and I must say that it’s a cracking sounding TT …