Wanted - 3 ECC83 valves

Looking to buy 3 ECC83 valves for my phono stage. I’m thinking it would be helpful if they were matched.

In the event that nobody has any I’d also be grateful for any recommendations or links. Thanks.

Mullard cv4004
I don’t have any, but they are the best '83 equivalent I have heard


Assume you mean (the very expensive) NOS rather than the new remakes?

Yes NOS, not heard the remakes

What is your budget and what make is your Phono Stage?

The phono stage is a Luxman EQ-88 and OPEQ-88 power supply. I don’t have a budget as such but I’d be willing to spend up to £300.

I see Watford Valves have NOS GE 12AX7s and Sylvania 5751s.

Any thoughts on these?

I like 5751s and they’re often more-valve-for-your-money vs. ECC83, but while pin-compatible, they are lower Mu, so if the stage is gain-critical, prolly not the right choice.

I really wish I’d bought a shitload of M8137s when they were cheap. Langrex have them for £100/piece and are good guys to deal with if you can choke the price down.

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And FFS beware of Europeans (esp. Eastern) selling alleged “NOS Mullard / Telefunken” &sim - mostly rebadged Sovtek.

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Thanks for the heads up Paul. James at Langrex tested the last 3 Mullards for me and they are well matched so I went ahead.

Thanks for all the help gents.

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