WANTED - 5 metre RCA-RCA Cable

As per title, or advice on what to buy within a sensible budget, QED at around £30-40 seem ok.


and the award for the most exiting thread goes to…

Totally overpriced.
loads on Amazon for <£10 inc del


Nice to support a UK business if you can

thanks Ian, thats perfect as I only need a single run.
numpty, just realised its a stereo pair…

ordered thanks Ian.

These are precisely the component parts (Van Damme 268-011-000 and Neutrik NYS373) I use for the leads I make for myself here. They’re really robust and low-noise (the cable is also used by guitarists), the plugs fit nice and tightly and the cost is not daft. To describe the cable as silver-plated though is a bit of a stretch. Three of the seven strands in the inner conductor are indeed plated, but the other four aren’t. And none of the outer conductor (screen) is http://www.van-damme.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Van_Damme_Pro_Grade_Classic_XKE_Instrument.pdf.


If you want V-D (fnarr) all silver-plated, this is the stuff - still pretty cheap.

If anyone wants XKE coax or balanced, I’ve got fucking 10s of yards of the stuff lying around, can have it at 2013’s wholesale+postage. It is, however, purple…
If it was fucking overpriced Japanese wire, people’d prolly be claiming magical properties for it being years old… :roll_eyes:


And Maureen dashes into the thread, 17 minutes after the OP has bought from someone else :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart::rofl:

LOL, “age annealed”.

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It’s a business model of sorts :thinking:

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As you well know there is no business any more. So can you all just celebrate the fact that I’ve failed, and move-on? Or at least change the record…

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Shame, I miss your rants about what cunts your customers were :grin:

sorted now thanks to help here, happy for this to be archived.