Wanted: 5mm funk firm achromat

I have an original PS 6750 oil filled mat which is a little lumpy, and a 5mm Sony rubber matter which I’m using (from one of the lesser models).

Quite fancy an achromat to try… so if anyone has a spare I can demo, or one they don’t need I could maybe test to buy?

Or, any better ideas for a direct drive Sony?

The original oil filled mat was FAR better than anything else I tried (I tried many) on the 6750, including an Achromat.

Closest I found was a Herbies but that was still a fair way off.

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It’s lumpy.
Enough to niggle…

I had Acromat on mine, and Tenuto copper mat occasionally that did sound betterer but I worried about doubling the platter weight on a bearing I couldn’t get to.

I don’t want to mess up the speed with too much metal on metal.
Paradise is sounding superb. I get some loading plugs tomorrow. 650, 700 and 800.

I have 2 funks if you want a borrow, only play 1 at a time…

Please. Maybe next time we cross paths.
Or if you are passing?

Though I suspect you can post for pennies. How’s your paradise doing?

PM your address, I can post it in a mailer.

I moved the PS and it did improve things. Need longer cables and another shelf on the rack, then step ladder to put record on !

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When mine was plugged in it made a bit of a buzz, and sounded muddy.

Leaving a shelf between cured all of it!

I’ve got a new (used) ash cosmic stand coming this week, with an extra shelf for some options. Wonderfully timed that one was on eBay for 60 quid the next size up from mine.

They do need to be isolated.

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