Wanted 801a or 10 / 10y valves wanted

Fancy a bit of tube rolling so looking around for something to go in my new pre amp

I have few in a box, I can bring some with me when I come down with @akaYoda 's amp
I think most at NOS military vt-62


still looking - any suggested american tube vendors also appreciated


If you are looking for Mayer preamp better to get the NOS Globe 10y rather than the Elrogs, the latter are quite poor in comparison. Have heard most of the Mayer including the 211, the pre. His best thing is the Mayer 46, a 1.25 to 3 watt amp with 46 valves. Will listen to his 2a3 at some point.

Hey bonzo.

Welcome to our ungodly corner of the interverse. It is a truly wonderful place, if you are into all excess, non hi-fi related.

Been looking for a pair of globe ux210 aka cx310 balloon shape for Xmas but could only find one in uk