WANTED Active Subwoofer (10-12")

Would like to try out a subwoofer to see if it does the trick, or is a waste of time. Looking to buy if it is successful in my system, or would appreciate a loan if anyone is willing…

I was in a similar situation.

I didn’t want to spend a lot on a subwoofer in case it just didn’t work in my small listening room - picked mine up for £150 and it’s been tremendous.

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I have one of these in black Ash as new, can’t use it in my flat, too big for me.


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Might have just seen this on eBay?!
Bit big but will check dims against the space I have. Where about are you?

Sunny Brighton, sub weighs a ton, abattoir taxi advised.

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I have a Gale 3080 going spare

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I have a BK XXLS400-FF I bought new in May but haven’t used since I moved, don’t have the box though.


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To get the best out of a sub you really need to consider DSPing it into your system. The twisty knobs on the sub aren’t enough to do it propely, ime.

I’d like to try one again sometime

Also, when I had a sub I could always tell where it was in the room. I think unless you can get it dead centre 2 would be better.

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Or use two?

That’s what I meant, I’ve just got back from the pub, so probably a bit incoherent. :crazy_face:

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S’ok, I’m pretty buzzin’ too :crazy_face:

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In just back from the pub too, so catching up, thanks all for chipping in. Thoughts were to go for a single good quality unit, or two smaller ones, 2 x 10” sealed perhaps.

The DSP shenanigans is where I come unstuck. I use Roon DSP clumsily to tailor the sound to my liking, but never measured a room or used microphones etc.

The speakers are powered B&O Penta 3, so I will have to live with a full range signal going to them, no way of cutting off the lower frequencies.

Agree that I would get best results from using DSP, but might need some pointers!

A single sub would be off centre, so I might be better with one either side of the fireplace.
Somewhere for more plant pots and candles.

I tried a single, big, high spec sub in my system, it was good, but easy to identify, have ended up with 2 smaller ones in stereo. They are adequate for my needs. Without dsp, despite much effort, they never disappeared. @Adpully made me buy a dsp box thing with software and more wires to connect it, not touched anything for 18+months.


I always thought that low freqs were non directional so it shouldn’t matter where a sub is located in the room?

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Something like 2 x BK 200? Could probably get away with this size.

It’s often not the low frequencies you pick up on. It’s things like the distortion, chuffing, vibrating floorboards, rattling enclosures etc

If you crossover at 80hz, you are generally only 12db down at 160hz, and there will still be output at 320hz.

Dsp solves a lot of it. 2 subs can actually be worse for room interaction, but less distracting when placed next to the speakers.

Yes. I think so will check what it all is when im home later.