Wanted an interesting subwoofer (active one)

Looking for a second hand subwoofer for my bedroom system which currently runs small-ish standmounts, prefer an active one with some a few basic controls. Not looking for massive, just good quality.

I was going to buy another M&K MX350, but it was broken.

Just given away my M&K V125 to a mate, which was bad timing.

What have you got?

BK Monolith+ big boy trouser flapper.

Have you got one for sale?

Yes it’s for sale, it’s been in storage at a fellow abattoirists unused for just over a year, I can’t use it now due to neighbours. It’s Black Ash and weighs lots so Abattoir taxi would be required. In total including postage/packing it cost me £580, i’ll PM you later, I’m out on my phone at the moment.

Sorted now. Thanks very much for the offers.