Wanted - Cheap CD Player

My faithful (nearly 20 y.o.) NAD C542 which I use in the brew house has finally carked it. The drawer was a bit random (I could live with that) but now it’s stopped reading discs all together.

I’m after summat cheap and cheerful. Budget of around £50 kind of cheap and cheerful.
If somebody has something laying around that they would like to get rid of, that would be great.
If not I expect recommendations of anything from, “fuck your CDs off and stream” to “you should get a dCS Summatorother”.

Collection possible or Meat Wagon.

I’ve got a something or other DVD player we no longer use. It obvs play CDs as well.

Your gratis if you want it.

That’s great. Thanks Jim.

Can you package it up and send ? I’ll pay for postage.

I’m assuming it has Audio Out sockets.

Will do :+1:

PM me an address mate