Wanted: Cheapish passive volume control thingy?

I want to try the EAR834P fed directly into the REGA power amp as it’s got a fairly healthy output, but I need a passive pot to control the volume.


Cheers, Rob.

You could just buy a pot in a box like this

Probably a lot less effort than building it yourself.

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Another recommendation for Douk Audio or LyneP Audio. I’ve got a Lyne P which gives independent volume control over Left and Right active speakers - needed due to their positioning at my desk. Not worth making and good build quality. Mine came from China but I would suggest buying from an EU based supplier - paying the duty from China was a pain because facilities were shut down by Covid.

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Cheers guys, that’s just what I’m after :+1:

Bloody yuppies
What happened to a tenners worth folded in newspaper


Ordered, cheers chaps.

closed at rob’s request.