Wanted Goldbug Mr Briar

Have been looking for a nice condition Goldbug Mr Briar for some time, anybody have one they would like to move on?

I had one once. A mediocre cartridge in a fancy body as I recall. The headshell it came with was nice.

I seem to recall it had a ‘unique’ sound.

It will in your system :+1:


It did have some world class bullshit on the blurb sheet it came with. All about the dangers some poor peasants faced clambering about on precarious cliff faces risking their lives to cut bits of briar off the trees that grew there before sculpting them into a bowl shapes & glueing a plastic housed cartridge inside.


Haha but you still had to try it in case they were right!

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My system surprises people, because people expect a very upfront hard / bright sound with exagerated bass.

No, they just expect it to sound better :grin:


We were just starting to make Voyds & decided we ought to have a top class cartridge to demo it with. It all went swimmingly until we ran into an Io Ltd not long afterwards!


I thought Les W made the Voyd and then sold it to Audio Note?

No. The Voyd was developed by myself and someone called Guy Adams. We started a business to produce them as we left college in 1985.
We knew LesW. He had been working on a 2motor deck based on Linn &Heybrook parts but the earliest version of such a design appeared in a French DIY mag a few years earlier. At the same time both Alphason and Logic also launched 2 motor suspended decks. (Sonata & Gemini). The idea was to be able to supply drive to a suspended platter without causing it to be pulled towards the motor as the stylus tried to stop it rotating. The Voyd used 3 high quality Papst motors running in synch and which allowed a lot of torque to be applied to a fairly light platter without compromising the isolation. After a couple of years I went to work for Audio Innovations and Guy Adams carried on for a few years until he sold it to Audio Note and went to work for Hewlett-Packard.


Thanks, it’s all always interesting to hear the history and evolution of products, especially when the internet is full of so many different stories.

Is it true that Phil Voyd was a play on words for “fill the void” or another internet rumour?

Yes. The early decks carried a plate on the rear saying Designed by Phillip Voyd. We had a bit of fun with reviewers too saying he was something of a recluse and that he was away in Canada working on a new type of electricity or some other nonsense. They’d often regurgitate those ‘facts’ later in print which always gave us a laugh.


Ah from the Gambon school of interview techniques :slight_smile:

Ahha! Mr. MWS nemesis revealed!

Phil Void or Pip, as I like to call him (It infuriates him) is an enigma of a man who actually does what Mr. MWS fantasizes about so keenly in his Wednesday reveries. Pip can be accredited for the Marijuana movement in British Columbia and a spat of debauchery running the length of the Alaskan boarder, it has been mooted he was also the driving force behind Rob Ford’s rise and er, rise.

I am pleased to note his address is actually in Guys mind as I have a number of cretinous yet pointed questions for him which have baffled and confused the select few who are privy to his cunning prowess.

  1. It is true Phil orchestrated the abduction of Fallon Carrington ‘Colby’ by aliens?
  2. What is sex actually like?
  3. It is true Phil convinced Inuit males it was the height of polite hospitality to insist guests sleep with their wives?

And there was me thinking that some of you guys had a spare Mr Briar hidden in a cupboard marked ‘beware of the leopard’.

I have a half wit monkey to swap if that helps.

North West Analogue have one, but it has had a new cantilever.

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Thanks, the price is a little high considering it’s not original.