Wanted: Half width (pref) FM/DAB tuner

Don’t know why, and some might think it mad (I have Internet Radio), but I fancy having a proper FM/DAB tuner in my main system.

I see a few TEAC ones (T H300 Mk II) on ebay for about £99

Has anyone got anything they fancy selling or any recommendations, My main preference is for half width boxes, and it must have both DAB and FM


Don’t bother, internet radio sounds better

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Get a squeezebox or something, DAB is rubbish.

Had a mk1 of those for a while, DAB was hamstrung by being DAB and the FM sound is distinctly average at best.

No idea why they go for as much on ebay as they do.

ON the main system I use a NUC and an AN DAC 2.1x for streaming and internet radio.

DAB sounds fine on the Unitiqute in the kitchen

Not when VM drops out in the middle of my favourite programme on R1Xtra on a Sunday night…I suppose I could tether to my phone and use up all my 4g - or just go an sit in the kitchen…

that’s useful

Does this happen often though? My VM (cable) is up for months at a time, it’s annoying good since as a company I fucking hate them. Might be easier to get that sorted?

No of course not. Happened a few weeks back, overnight, but I did miss my fav. radio programme…was the first time in years we have had an outage…