Wanted - I-phone 5s(or similar android) or above for Claire

Claires phone has and intermittent button problem -new one is needed
Needs to be unlocked and suitable for Whats app -That’s about it.
It will sit being charged for 99% of it’s life occasionally being used to phone the kids
or in her purse if we go out.

Non iPhones would be OK but nothing really large

If you have anything let me know



I’ve got a 5s I think. Let me check and get back to you


It’s an old SE. I’m just charging it to check capacity and whether it still wakes up.

No box or bits but you can have it for £10 to the forum and I’ll get it posted as soon as I know it’s not knackered

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Excellent cheers if it powers up us just what we needed. It is unlocked yes? - I will PM our addresss to you once you have checked it fires up OK
and of course add some cash to the kitty.

Yes it’s fully unlocked (it’s been on o2 and voxi)

Give it half an hour and I’ll check it’s all ok

Note I that will be out of reach for 90 mins or so.

It lives!
PM me your address and I’ll get it sent tomorrow (hopefully)

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Done -cheers

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