Wanted MM cart to about £150

As the final piece in my Turntable odyssey I’m now looking for a half decent MM cart to put on the front of my G99 / OL Silver combo, so that I can just switch between that and the SP-10 on my integrated’s built-in phono stage. Always wanted to be able to do that and nearly there :smiley: :+1:

So, whilst MM’s aren’t exactly flavour of the month, does anybody have a reasonable one, in good condition that they’d be prepared to part with ?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve got a Goldring G1042 I bought new about 6 years ago as a spare, doesn’t have that many hours on it.

£130 inc RMSD, don’t have the original box as I used it for a IQ3 I sold recently but have a spare nagaoka box I can use instead.


That’d be a really good buy


Yep, that’ll do me.

Can you send me payment details please Chris ?