Wanted: mm cart

Budget to about £300

Have previously really liked IQ2 / 3 and also 2M Black, though that is a completely ridiculous PITA to set up optimally.

Anybody got anything they want to move on ?

I’ve not got anything mate, but look at a Nagaoka MP-300, which you should be able to get new around that money. If you’re prepared to spend a bit more, the jump to the MP-500 is worthwhile.

My mate has a MP-500 on an Audiomods RB300 on a SL1210 and it’s truly fantastic.

I also have an MP-500 on my 1210.

I previously had a couple of MP-200s, which were more than adequate.

If you get a 300, you can always stick a 500 stylus on it later as they use the same fixings.

Having done a bit of reading on the Nags, I’m a bit concerned they will be a bit polite for my system. It’ll be going through a valve phono stage, into a Class A power amp, so already a lot of smoothness going on.

If you’re going to stick with MM, just get a Goldring 1042 and stick with it.

You will regret not going down the MC route though. :smiling_imp:

What’s the arm?

If I go 1042, I might as well go back to IQ2 or 3

OL Silver

Look if the Hana ML comes in and sounds fab then I’ll have an SL for sale which you will not regret :slightly_smiling_face:

Do that then. What are you expecting from a different MM?

Don’t really understand that. The most dynamic systems I have ever heard have those in the mix.

Get a Decca then

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I currently have a cheapish MC and it’s OK but I’ve owned far better MM’s, which to beat with MC I think I will need to spend a heap on cart and SUT.

Quite possibly so, with a better matched cart.

The moon on a stick is very hard to find :wink:

Don’t recall asking for the moon on a stick :confused: ; just a cart that better suits me and for my budget I think it will have to be MM.

Don’t take it like that, Mike. I’m just saying that there are a lot of options out there, but most of them require a flexible budget. You obviously don’t get on with your current MC. No big deal, I’m sure you’ll find a suitable solution.


Yeah, sorry about that arsey response Paul; having a bit of a mare with stereo’s at the moment, what with my cart ‘issues’ and the bloody TT is playing up again, too.

First world problems, eh ?

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Frustrating all the same though.