Wanted: MM phono


Hello chaps.

I’m on the lookout for an MM phono stage in the £350 -400 max range, ideally, please.

Will be using my Technics EPC-202c cart, likely into a TVC pre.

Anybody got owt they’d like to move on ?



Over budget but very nice http://www.audioabattoir.com/t/fs-remton-383-mkii-phono-stage/4526


That would be great (obviously) but is a bit over budget, unfortunately. Maybe next month :slight_smile:


Steve’s project rs is worth considering


If you just pay Gareth in installments of cider/Leffe Brun you’ll be fine :grinning:


Yeah, its nice! http://www.audioabattoir.com/t/project-phono-box-rs/4229


Not sure about the Project, tbh.


Sold anyway!

As it says, just pre and power supply left.


Now sorted, thanks chaps.


Enjoy the Remton Mike.


Thanks Rob


If the project hangs around for a couple of months I might be able to afford it…

Edit: if I can resist buying other stuff…


I hope my helpful suggeston played a small part in that Mike :grin:




Which project? The phono flew out and it’s just the pre and the power now.
Deals for meat men.


Ah, was the phono, would have been a nice upgrade from my phonobox 2 SE. Oh well.


Too late.
It’s decent kit. I wanted to hang on to all of it as a spare after I got the paradise… but the new integrated came with a thrown in dac and Phono as a plan B.


The Remton is a cracking phono stage.
I think you’ll like it.


No alcohol was offered… but that’s fine as I fair drowned me-self in cider at Bristol Psych Fest on Saturday. Yesterday’s hangover in that heat was not great.