Wanted: MM phono

Hello chaps.

I’m on the lookout for an MM phono stage in the £350 -400 max range, ideally, please.

Will be using my Technics EPC-202c cart, likely into a TVC pre.

Anybody got owt they’d like to move on ?


Over budget but very nice http://www.audioabattoir.com/t/fs-remton-383-mkii-phono-stage/4526

That would be great (obviously) but is a bit over budget, unfortunately. Maybe next month :slight_smile:

Steve’s project rs is worth considering

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If you just pay Gareth in installments of cider/Leffe Brun you’ll be fine :grinning:


Yeah, its nice! http://www.audioabattoir.com/t/project-phono-box-rs/4229

Not sure about the Project, tbh.

Sold anyway!

As it says, just pre and power supply left.

Now sorted, thanks chaps.

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Enjoy the Remton Mike.

Thanks Rob

If the project hangs around for a couple of months I might be able to afford it…

Edit: if I can resist buying other stuff…

I hope my helpful suggeston played a small part in that Mike :grin:


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Which project? The phono flew out and it’s just the pre and the power now.
Deals for meat men.

Ah, was the phono, would have been a nice upgrade from my phonobox 2 SE. Oh well.

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Too late.
It’s decent kit. I wanted to hang on to all of it as a spare after I got the paradise… but the new integrated came with a thrown in dac and Phono as a plan B.

The Remton is a cracking phono stage.
I think you’ll like it.


No alcohol was offered… but that’s fine as I fair drowned me-self in cider at Bristol Psych Fest on Saturday. Yesterday’s hangover in that heat was not great.