Wanted - Old iPad / Tablet please

Just to browse the interweb etc, so doesn’t need to be particularly decent spec. Not fussed if iOS, Windows or Android.

Wireless essential and the larger the screen the better.

Anybody got anything knocking about ?


Got an old Brill-o-Pad if any use? :slight_smile:

I think the wifi is knackered tho.

Is it the iBrillo in white?

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Amazon fire tablets are £35 brand new delivered.

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Thanks CP

Where’s that from ?

Clue is in the name…

I get that, but not for £35

Oh the swines have put the price back up to £50!

if you are a Amazon Prime customer, it is still £35 on Prime Now…

Thanks chaps but invested in a 16GB one @ £60.
Thanks for the idea @Ciderpig

Cool, I picked an 8GB one up for £35 and it’s slightly slow compared to the ultra modern offerings but since my 5 year old dropped and smashed my last Nexus…
I found a spare 128GB Micro SD card for it in my man draw too so capacity isn’t a problem.

Should be OK for just browsing the web (won’t be used for Audio or Video duties) though I guess.

I subscribed to Prime and it runs video perfectly well. I’m sure you’ll be impressed for £60.
Merry xmas.

and a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you too :beer:

Absolutely brilliant for the money (once you’ve disabled ALL THE FECKIN ADS - unreal) !

The Mrs loves it.

Thanks for the reco @Ciderpig

No worries. How do you disable the ads btw?

Log in to your Amazon account, drop down menu under your account, go to manage devices, select your Fire tablet, click on Edit next to where it says ‘subscribed’.


Oh and install AdBlocker + for Android to keep ads at bay on websites