Wanted: Retro/ vintage preamp

Friend of mine wants a preamp with MM phono stage to go with his Sony 4750 turntable.

He seems to like retro/ vintage and often industrial looking things.

Constraint is he only wants to spend £250 and has rejected all the ideas I’ve given him for 10 times that budget.

Any ideas or indeed loft lurking potential?

Quad 44 might fit the bill if he likes industrial design.

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It’s worth noting that the 44, as sold, only gave 500mV RMS out, which might not be enough for some power amps. I think it’s straightforward to mod them though (resistor change in each channel) to deliver plenty more, but it would need a soldering iron.

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Think later ones had 3 different outputs

I have a Sony receiver that was released at the same time as his deck but doesn’t have pre out so isn’t really much help