Wanted SBT Remote

Has any one got a redundant Squeezebox Touch remote control languishing in a drawer somewhere, perhaps because the SBT has long gone?

I don’t have a spare Kevin, indeed I’ve had trouble with one myself. Is yours lost or bust ? If the latter, and if it’s due to battery leakage, then it may be possible to fix it. I carefully prised my sick one open, cleaned out the corrosive goo from the battery and got most of the functionality back. I think with a bit more work (possibly involving some fine soldering to replace an etched-away pcb track) it may be possible to fix it completely.


It is a lost remote i’m afarid :disappointed_relieved:

Do you prefer it to an app?

It is for a very good mate who doesn’t even own a smartphone!

I have one Kevin, that I never use for mine.
PM me.

You can use a JVC DVD remote with my Squeezebox classic, need to enable it in the settings on the web interface.

Technology fail!

You don’t need a smartphone to use the internet. I assume anyone with a squeezebox will have some kind of internet access…

He has access to the internet, so he can get his favourite Scottish radio stations on his Squeezebox.

But the words

may as well be in Flemish :grinning:

To listen to radio, don’t you need to set up Squeezebox server and some radio plugins? Enabling the alternative remote requires ticking one box in the settings.

I use a Humax remote with mine, set up to control a JVC DVD player. IIRC you need a physical remote for initial setup (connection to server) with a Classic, so you can’t get by with just an app.

He has a Touch not a Classic so I think it is easier / more intuitive, anyhow Gregg is kindly sending my mate a remote.

Thanks for the suggestions though, much appreciated.