Wanted: Stands Unique rack

I already have a Stands Unique rack (in oak), but it isn’t big enough to hold all my stuff. As an interim measure, it sits next to a two shelf atacama. They don’t make an attractive couple, and I’d sooner keep the Stands Unique than the Atacama.

For reasons I don’t quite recall, I have a spare set of Stands Unique oak legs (everything but the glass) but unless anyone happens to have a spare set of shelves it will probably work out cheaper to buy a whole rack and swap out the legs if the ones I buy are other than oak.

Please let me know if you can help.


Can you not take one of your existing shelves to a glass supplier and have them fabricate the shelves for you Martin? I bet it will be cheaper than shipping glass shelves about the country.

I thought about it, but the top and bottom shelves need holes drilled for the bolts, and the whole lot needs to be toughened glass. My best guess is that the cost would probably be quite a bit higher than than a used rack would come to.

I could be wrong though - I’m quite good at wrong.


There’s a cherry one for sale on PFM

It’s not far from me, so I could pick it up and look after it until a taxi can be arranged?

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Thanks - I’ll think about that one. It’s a bit more than I was hoping to spend (pretty sure I’ve bought and sold Stands Unique for rather less in the past).

I really appreciate the offer of babysitting it for me though - everything I’m after is always at the other end of the world, it seems!

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For what it’s worth we’ll be driving up to Northumberland in early Dec for a few days there with Mrs VB’s brother and his wife. They’ll be driving up from Stockport. So transport might be possible.

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Thanks - much appreciated.

If I don’t find a rack, maybe you could transport something else I don’t have instead.

In fact, I might just buy something at random so as not to waste the opportunity. That could make for an interesting ‘wanted’ ad…


Better still if you could pick something that I want, pay for it, then decide when it arrived that you don’t want it after all and let me keep it for my trouble :grin:. If you’re struggling for ideas then I quite fancy these (but not at this price)


Did you ever get sorted Martin?
I have the wide 10mm version sat not doing much.

That was actually meant for you lol

Thanks Rick

I’ll pm you shortly