Wanted: Supra rca cable

Anyone got one for sale? All my other cables are supra so it’s nice to have matching colours :grin:

Get them here, if you don’t want to buy second hand.

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Didn’t sodders do supra?

Thanks if no one has one on here I will give them a go

He used to be my dealer of them, wonder if he has any bits lying around, foot shout.


Be aware that they will now be aged and will therefore attract a premium.

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Don’t have any Supra any longer, used to have the Sword RCA, was happy with them until I switched to all XLR.
Having said that, in case you need an alternative:
I bought an RCA cable from Rothwell last week, this one will stay in my system to connect to the SIT2.

Not affiliated etc.

Boxes full mate. Cost + postage if I happen to have the size[?] you need.


Awesome, will send you a message :+1:t2: