Wanted: Tonearm

The problem I have now is that the Hana will be arriving a lot sooner than the arm.

Do I mount the Hana in my RB300 in the meantime, or just leave it in the box so I can stare at it impatiently?


I would put in on now.

That’s the answer you want, presumably. :smiley:


Eat the marshmallow now :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, I was thinking more along the lines of whether I should snap the cantilever immediately, or wait until the new arm arrives and rip the stylus off then instead.

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Fit the cart and go change into a nice warm jumper!

Good plan. I’ll make sure to get one with extra long arms that gather in folds at the wrist, thus ensuring warm hands and a reduced risk of damage to my frighteningly fragile new cartridge.

The mohair version looks very fetching. I’m sure those loose fibres will ensure a safe and comfortable cartridge fitting experience.

Gosh, being a proper audiophile is fun, isn’t it.

Fit the Hana now and run it in. After 40 hours it really loosens up and sounds much better than fresh out of the box. Try a headshell weight nce run in. You can always take it off again. 3 Hana users I know all prefer it with the weight on 3 different TT/Arm combos.

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