Less is moar :wink:


Gone the way of most threads on here.

You start off thinking you know what you want and start a thread.
By the time you make a purchase it is for something completely different costing 4 times your initial budget.


Yep, another splash yer cash thread.


Have no idea about watches,but all the ones i like the look of are very simple where you can see the hands clearly.
Some look far to busy to me.


Specsavers? :+1:


Yes but that was before I knew how much the insurance was going to pay out for the two stolen watches. It was about £4.5k more than I expected.

So this watch was effectively free :laughing:


Yeah, I think I’m the same. On the one hand I love seeing all the innards, but the cutouts really do compromise the usability of the watch.


So long as you like it bud :+1:


How? Are you hard of seeing?

Yes, watches are very much “in the eye of the beholder” :+1:


Mind, 4 kiloquids would have got you some seriously THICC cables - a proper heirloom loom… :cry:


Or an upgrade on your Phono Stage. :hugs:


:smile:I truly struggle to believe a meaningful upgrade on Jim’s phono stage is technically possible, even if you lobbed a few kilos of silver magnet wire wrapped around some E-cores into it


Dilithium Crystals core with Infinity Drive windings, perhaps ?


Err…I might have a little problem with my prospective watch purchase. :thinking:

I’m buying it via Chrono24 (a bit ilke ebay for watches) from a vendor in Switzerland. I’ve done some web searches on his operation and he gets plenty of 5 star ratings - can’t find a single bad thing said about him. He’s also active on FB and instagram.

He has just contacted me to ask me to confim but also mentions that the watch will be subject to “local VAT”. This would obvs increase the cost dramatically to a point where it might be cheaper to buy from a UK vendor.

I’ve had plenty of stuff delivered here from Europe before and never had any VAT added. Is Switzerland different?


Google says yes, you’re fucked.

Another nice little post-Brexit thing we’ve got to look forward to, incidentally.


Don’t think toblerland is in the EU CU so you have to pay VAT on import, often see ads for tax free cigs/tobacco that are shipped from there just because they don’t pay VAT at source and then fiddle the UK import description.


Exactly all the above.

Expect a nasty bill for VAT and duty.


Merde :tired_face:


A bad person planning on committing VAT fraud would compare the cost of a day return flight with 20% of the purchase price.


This is a handy calc for working out the import and duty from a country, pitney bowes used to do a very good one but the cunts closed it to the public