I reckon you’ve dodged a bullet there. International shipping of watches is a nightmare IME.

Keep your powder dry for something more local.


It would be illegal for him, whereas if you flew in it would be illegal for you


That’s what I just said…:thinking:


Spooky you should say that - i’m going to look at one in Bishop’s Stortford today!


Don’t forget it will be an hour different to the one in Switzerland.



No. Just NO.


Amazing craftsmanship there, but a bit over the top for me.


Yeah, its all kinds of wrong, but interesting video anyway.


Saw this on the same page and well worth watching all the way through, he machines a pinion post down to 0.08 mm and makes every part of the watch by hand.


Thanks for that Chris, probably the longest thing I’ve ever watched on YouTube.

I wish I had a quarter of his talent.


After a couple of weeks making my mind up and looking, finally took the plunge!


Very nice :+1:

Now try not to smash the crystal in the next couple of weeks :smile:


That’s adequate Jim :heart_eyes:


It’s similar to the one I was going to get from the Swiss dealer, only the power reserve version. Less busy with the colours on the dial :+1:

The place I bought it is slightly nearer - Bishop’s Stortford :smile:


And you put it on the wrong arm?


No, I put it on the right arm :rofl:


Lefty is, err, besty.


I appreciate that most blokes wear a watch on their left arm, but I’ve always worn mine on the right, fuck knows why :thinking:

I’m actually right handed, but strangely, use my left hand for popular lakeside activities :grin:


Basically, because you’re a cunt.