How will you wind your watch?


I always wear watches on my right wrist as well and I don’t know why and before you ask how I wind it, I do that before I put it on. :smile:

I think it is because I usually wear them loose on my wrist and I don’t like the crown digging into the back of my hand when I’m doing something.


You need to ask Jim how he makes his on-demand burley.:smile:




Borg watch


anyone recommend a place to sell a nice ladies Rolex? Colleague of mine wishes to sell his late wife’s ladies Rolex. He told me was going to ebay it, but was looking for an outlet that he perceives to be less of a risk.

If bricks and mortar, then it’ll need to be Cambs/Herts/London


Not too far from you, in Bishop’s Stortford.


Have a chat with Dom…


That’s where i went to buy the Zenith :+1:


anyone got any recent contact details? the one I have from when he repaired one of my watches are out of date


I try and avoid looking at their website, they have many nice things !


Chrono24 is a site like ebay, but just for watches.


Blowers in Hull worth a call.

Excellent on Rolex and big client list.


Watchfinder will buy Rolex for cash. Maybe not the best price, but very safe.


Saw some advice on a watch forum about Watchfinders. Never accept their first offer, if they want the watch they will always up the amount if you decline their lowest one.


thank you everyone - lots to go on. I have been out of watch wearing and collecting, since I had my smart watch. I’m familiar with all the suggestions, but my memory needed jogging. I have passed it all on to my colleague.


Please let me know which Rolex and what your offers are, as I may want one for my middle daughters special present.



Cut out the middle man. And the mob of loons and scammers (Rolex attracts them like flies) on eBay.


I think he has already realised that…


Well I have ordered myself my first new watch in well over a decade (I have not been a regular watch wearer ever),