I think that’s so much cooler than the absurd expensive ones


It was primarily chosen for The clarity of its LCD and the fact that it shows seconds on the default view.


you would :wink:


*People stuck in the years of their yoof when Casio was cool
Digital watches were an expensive novelty when they first came out (remembers LED watches) but soon became something cheap and eventually rubbish given away with a gallon of oil at petrol stations.

That is where they still are in my head.


What Ed Sheeran wore at the Brits

The price!? Not far off 1 million.


If there is one thing this thread has proven beyond all possible question it’s that even a cunt in a very expensive wristwatch is still a cunt first and foremost :+1:


Indeed - I would take great pleasure in smashing the speccy bastards face in with his watch



Did you ask Dom whether he wanted his details posted all over the internet?


It’s a shop, Kev.


…and it doesn’t mention Dom :smile:


Shops usually want publicity IME

Good to know where Dom is now actually, he’s done a great job on my watches in the past.


wtf are you on about?


I wouldn’t want my place of work posted on the internet.
Any one wondered why Dom doesn’t frequent hifi forums or post on any watch threads anymore?

That’s what the fuck I am on about, there is a message system which can be used.


No, I don’t - he got a life, sold the hifi, moved-on.

He used to cheerfully advertise his business when he was starting-out, and lots of forumites were very happy to support him.


Yes in other words we’ll let him just get so far in the wider world and then when we fancy, reel him back in…


He works in retail, advertising is not a negative thing so I am aware.

He doesnt post on forums because he got a life I assume.


‘I am a shop not an individual’




You been doing too much tube rolling hon?