Just back from the pub and posting shit again?


Just ruffling yer feathers granny.:smile:


Took a £20 punt on a Chinese smart watch, mainly because I wanted a heart rate monitor. Has battery life in the weeks, apparently.


err, what’s the time Adam :thinking:


Who did you buy it from? Flavor Flav? :slight_smile:

If not…I’m sure he’d want it.


Actually it was just under £40. It just said £20 on the box, presumably to eliminate customs charges!




Looks a bit tight, do you still have feeling in your fingers?


Yeah, not an Amazfit at all.


My neurologist can’t work out why not, I should show him that photo :rofl:


Says man on forum about absurd expensive hifi.,


Where? :smiley:


Silly boy, don’t you know they’re investments?!


Expensive watches are just jewellery. Hifi has a function.


HAhahahah “I only want what I paid for it”.


Whatever helps you dear.


Less talk, more pictures.



I used to have his baby brother - the complete calendar.

It was a bit of an evolutionary dead-end.

Nice watch, but that brushed bezel was a hideous scratch-magnet.


They are if they’re stolen :wink:


The numbers nibbled away by the sub-dials would irritate the fuck out of me if I owned one.


Luckily,( :frowning_face:) I’m not likely ever to be in the position to be irritated to fuck by it.