Spoooopy mind-reading is spooopy! :open_mouth:3spuki5me


Is that the new 100 Kg D’Agostino watch?



No doubt there is an upgrade path available by plonking more layers of brushed aluminium stuff under the watch. :slight_smile:


Could do with an upgraded power supply to make pace & time more accurate.


Have you ever considered curating an online museum of Grievously Godawful-Ugly Overpriced Tat?

Be a big hit in Russia, Near and Far East, etc…


I spent a long time working in the middle, where such tat went down well. Qatar and Dubai were the worst


I bought one of these a couple of months back. Thanks to the stupid ‘survival’ strap it’s not easy to put on, but apart from that it’s fine. Bought it because it’s pretty tough. I think the blue version is nicer and will hopefully get one, but the price for this was too good to miss.



You’ve got it on upside down…Here to help. :grinning:


My latest cheap watch indulgence…

Flash makes it even louder looking than it is.

Citizen Eco-Drive on a Barington “Racing” strap in “Schwartz & Orange”…

The future’s bright…


Even cheaper, and nearly as orange: Watchuseek forum limited edition Slava Diver replica:


Ordered a Bulova from the USA a couple of days ago, no other reason than I liked it and including import duty was a sixth of the rrp over here.
Tracking it, so far its been to Cypress, Cairo and Independence ( not the island) on its way here i.e. Cypress - Texas, Cairo - Illinois and Independence - Kentucky. Waiting for it to land in England - UK, seems to be doing a grand tour of America at the moment though.


LOL, you should try ordering them from Russia. :grinning:


Hush fool. That strap is very nice.


Speaking of which, if any of you spot a decent one of these about, please let me know.


That’ll look nice in your caravan hun :+1:



Like that - any links?


Sold out ages ago, I’m afraid.


What did it set you back - can’t see anything in the Vostok range like it, and they’re all more than I got the Citizen for.

Also, Want That One:

Solid Bronze :heart_eyes:




Penis envy watch :scream: