That is feckin hideous.


It’s got it’s own escape pod strapped on the side!



Looks more like a holder for a cyanide capsule, for when it all gets too much and you realise what a hideous watch you have bought !


It was about £90. Most of it is an Amphibian 150, but custom hands, dial and bezel.


Lot of good-taste envy going-on in this thread. Sad.

Bargain! And that does explain why there’s nothing like it out there. “Agent Orange” cost £87 ex-display. Big budget stuff for me… :open_mouth:


Continued its travels and headed North to Erlanger, North Kentucky and then on to Birmingham, not Alabama but Birmingham UK. Now in my grubby little mitts.
RRP of $525, actual cost including postage and import duties £115, 3 year International guarantee, watch tags and instruction booklet and a stated accuracy of +/- 10 seconds a year.
Only one problem, it’s a bit blingy for me, I don’t know whether I like it and having scrawny wrists at 42mm it looks rather big. Well you can’t have everything I suppose.


Err, pics please.

Also info on where you ordered it from would be good :+1:


Just had a letter from Christopher Ward and amongst the marketing yak, is a code for £100 off >£500 purchases in case anyone is interested: 100SUN18 - valid 'til June 30th.


Arrived totally unmarked and in pristine condition.


Very 1970s.


You haven’t seen me dance. :grinning:


Tuning fork goodness :+1:


If that’s a modern bulova it uses their precisionist / ‘super crystal’ whatever it’s called to give you a hi-beat / spring drive like second hand sweep.
I have a modern bulova and although the styling is a bit fussy the sweep on the second had is something marvelous to behold. Eats batteries faster than penances vibrator though.

My daily wearer is an apple watch - it’s just too useful to not wear now, especially as I’ve become a bit of a gym bunny after a health wake up call. I’ll wear my Seiko OM if i’m going swimming though and i’ve a couple of low rent ‘going out’ watches (Armani, Parnis, Bulova ) and sentimental fake Monaco I bought in Thailand when I was young and stupid.

Must say I’m liking the vostok amphibians in this thread but my current object of wrist lust is the new Tudot BB GMT, unliikely i’ll ever scrape together the necessary unallocated funds to afford it given all the other stuff I want / need / have to pay but it’s nice to dream.


Yep, it’s an accutron 11, basically a modified precisionist, a tad less accurate but this saves on battery life. You’re right the second hand sweeps like a quality mechanical jobby. As I said a bit blingy for me but it oozes a good quality feel about it. The precisionists by the nature of the gubbins inside need a much bigger case, scrawny wrists prohibit the purchase of such an accurate timekeeper.


Like some of Bulova’s efforts, really fancy an original Spaceview if I ever have the ££ to spare.


Dropped the Mark XII in at Heptinstalls the other day. Got a call yesterday with the estimate. The description of the work required was all quite long and involved; it would have been much faster to say “it’s shagged”.

Still, the estimate was a lot lower than even a basic service had I sent it back to IWC, so I’m looking forward to getting it sorted even though I hardly wear a watch at all these days.




Yes, that’s nice.


not the rumored 10k euro nice though…


That’ll be me out then !