Oof !


While it’s nice, I don’t really get this. Leica make cameras, why would they want to make watches? Do they make it? Or does someone make it for them and they just put their name on it?


I think they have a separate section which make stuff not camera related. I think they have such a strong brand associated with quality that they can name their price for this, and there will still be demand.



Sure, I understand that, just seems like a cynical move to capitalise on the camera reputation.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Leica and own some equipment)


So, why wouldn’t they capitalize on their reputation, if the product is high quality ?


They have no reputation for watches.


A good time to build one, though.


Is it?


I hate brand creep.
I don’t want a Nikon watch and I won’t buy a Leica photocopier.


Quite. Makes about as much sense as a Naim handbag to me.

To be fair, if they actually make all of it, then I’ll grudgingly accept it, but yeah, not a fan of brand creep. In my mind it devalues Leica and turns it into just another luxury brand.


Yep. High end and luxury brands (together with Aldi type vfm) is growing nicely.

The mid ground is dying on its feet.


@coco Come on, you know you want a Porsche watch :slight_smile:



That nicely combines hideous and wrong brand.


Montblanc have sold quite a few watches, despite being known primarily as a luxury pen maker :+1:


Thus speaks Coco Chanel. :heart_eyes:


My post probably looks like teaching you to suck eggs, which it certainly wan’t meant to be ! I know you are familiar with Leica Pete !


Not at all, I do get why they’re doing it, just a bit conflicted about it.


I wonder if they have anything else they are working on.


I rather like this caliber 6