That’s a pretty watch.


Yea, it’s a nice take on the original. A refreshing change as a lot of the new issues tend toward fugly.


18 years old this week.


Ginger, freckles, and an Adidas watch !

Fuck, life dealt you some Lemons :smiley:


I’ll fucking Adidas you and yer Maw.

… and they’re not freckles, they are God’s kisses.


Blatant post to remind us you are on your holibags…


It’s what being on holiday is all about.

Johnythebaby started it. :slight_smile:


Consensus is…Spatchcock wins the tan-off.

I was a bit dubious about the whole holiday friend thing, but everyone has enjoyed it. Even me.


Either Mrs ATOC is claiming her man or Ms Spatchcock has ideas. :grin:


Is there a bowl of car keys out of shot?


No, just a pair of pool brogues.


For the avoidance of doubt… no fucker has been near the bastard jacuzzi. :frowning:


Just noticed posted in wrong thread should be in holidays.

Not sorry. Lazy arsed mods can move if they want. Otherwise just leave to fester here.


You’d have been more successful with decent footwear on…


Have you actually suggested the use of the Majic production apparatus?

Perhaps entice your females into the apparatus by means of offering the Turkish equivalent of Prosecco and playing Isaac Hayes/Barry White?


Alas the music may have been my undoing…

I fucked up downloading and have ended up with

  1. Galliano.
  2. Kiss 'Dynasty
  3. Woob. ( 40 mins of penquins ).

And forgot to pack brogues.


I have no idea what this means (apart from the bit where you said you fucked up - but I took that bit as read).


Sorry. I messed up downloading holiday music to my personal music player, and in so doing didn’t include any ‘specialist’ artistes for such an occasion ie Barry White.

I only have 3 albums

  1. Galliano - 'The Plot Thickens
  2. Kiss - ‘Dynasty’
  3. Woob - ‘Woob’ An album that includes a song that is over twenty minutes long and is based around the sound of Emperor penguins.

Even @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi would describe that as a ‘difficult’ listen.

None of which is conducive to getting anyone near the majic jacuzzi.

Short of deploying… ‘does this chloroform smell off to you?’ I appear to be royally fucked. :slight_smile:


Shame, just think of the extra Majic breeding stock this look could have brought in…


That look is timeless. A brogue is truly versatile.

And a slip hazard on those tiles if memory serves.