My concern is for Ms Spatchcock. Will you use your good offices to secure the services of an appropriately shod local lothario? It wouldn’t do for her to be going home unfulfilled.


You obviously have an Internet connection, could you not use it to, like, download sexy music?


Fuck that. I’m just getting into Woob. One of my favourite albums, and they’ve gone to bed.


Also, I think I may have prickly heat.


after sitting on a stationary train with no a.c. for 30 mins I have a heated prick


Train lob, the longer distance cousin to ‘bus lob’


My Uncle Geof was (still getting used to “was” rather than is) one of those uncles that every kid should have. He was always funny and always had time for me, on top of that he was an unrepentant petrol head. When I was young he would always get me doing jobs round his workshop or cleaning whatever classic sports car he had at the time, the reward for which would be a gloriously fast spin out in it. I can still remember bombing down the Radley/Oford road at 100mph in a TR6, what a grin it put on my face as an 8 year old. I can also remember telling my mum and dad about it , my Uncle Geof in the background grinning to himself as he saw the look of horror on my mum’s face.

He would take me to the Motor Show at Earls Court, an event I would remember more for the sight of the bikini clad models alongside the cars than the cars themselves, I have a feeling Uncle Geof would approve of that memory :). He worked for Austin and then BL as an upholsterer (leatherwork) on cars made at the Cowley plant and continued to enjoy his cars and motorbikes well into his retirement.

Unfortunately Uncle Geof passed away recently and for reasons various I found myself having no memento of him other than some great memories and photographs. It tuns out that Uncle Geof left me some money in his Will and after having discussed it with my better half I’ve decided to buy a watch that reminds me of him and the great times we enjoyed together.

Given his love for all things automotive it makes sense to buy a watch that has a motoring heritage . I’ve research the Heuer offering and some of the vintage 70s stuff (Montreal, Silverstone, Camero etc) really does appeal.




However, befoe I set my sight firmly on one of those any advice on whats else is out there would be much appreciated (Nothing that looks like a divers watch though).

I have a couple of months to go before I buy, so plenty of time to read up on a few others.



Always liked the Heuer line of chronographs. That Camaro looks very nice to me.




Chopard Mille Miglia.
Omega chrono Stop
Breitling Bentley :wink:
Breitling top time
Omega Speedmaster.


Middle one

Or a Daytona!


The camaro is nice but I’ve always liked the Gulf or Monaco they did for steve mcqueen




Classic racing watches would be
Heuer Monaco.
Rolex Daytona (if the money left was substantial and you don’t mind 2nd hand).
Omega Speedmaster - although more famous as the ‘moon watch’

Bremont do some Jaguar inspired watches which tie back to BL and your Uncle sounds like a bit of a jaaaaag man.

The Tudor Heritage chrono is also quite nice but has no overt motorsport ties.

Personally in this instance it would have to be the Monaco (with no tag branding and lefty winder) gulf or just plain blue dial depending on your level of flamboyance.

Take a look at chrono 24 and knock yourself out.


that Jaaaag one is a touch nice )


I picked up this Tag Heuer connect for just £300 from a friend. He won it in a golf tournament, but he’s all apple. Just wanted the price of an apple watch in return. I like it so far. 1532163082852342701946430888313|375x500


You would think that someone who used to own forums and stuff would know how to post a pic wouldn’t you? :roll_eyes:


Waits for inevitable, “it’s shit software” post :smirk:


Ironically the Tag Connect uses Android Wear 2, which works well with Apple phones.

Nice catch, a £1500+ watch for that price, although I’m dead happy with changing my Android Wear watch for a cheap Chinese thing that doesn’t need charging every night. Now I get my notifications and sleep monitoring, and battery life in the weeks. But I can’t talk to it.