Maybe that worked… It gives me 2 days between charges, although running the golf app drains it. Only discovered talking to it today, works really well.

Screen is ok… Ish… Battery life is moderate. Styling and build quality is bang on… But would i pay full whack for one? Actually, no. I think the £300 i gave for it is top end. I dont regret it, I’m pleased, but had i paid any more id have been a bit disappointed i think.


Ooh, I really like that. Brilliant for £300.


Could some kind butcher PM me Doms email? My watch is on the fritz


New Bond Street was fun last week. Span the Uncle Geof story out in every watch shop in town, ended up wearing watches costing more than my house, must have been a quiet day for millionaires.

Loved the Panerais and the Mullers.



After 30 years as a sentimental ornament (vigorously defended from threats of scrapping) I managed to get my Grandma’s old Enfield mantle clock going. I found a site where the chap had posted instructions on dismantling as an explanation as to why he couldn’t fix them for £40. Well I followed them, unwound the main and chime springs, cleaned, oiled and reassembled and hey presto. It’s been ticking and chiming away for 10 days now. Currently it is gaining 10 mins a day, I may fine tune it to see if I can get it any better but frankly I’m just chuffed to hear it ticking (last heard when I was a kid). Fuck me it’s loud though.


If anyone comes across any details of Submariners can you let me know pls?

Interested in buying one.

Thanging you.


I like the 14060 without the date.


You’ll need a budget dude or I’m gonna spam you with really nice but really expensive vintage subs :grinning:


And if you are hoping to find a second-hand sub of ANY age for less than the new list price, you are likely to be disappointed!


And if you find one without hsaving to go on a dealers “interested” list for 6 months plus then well done indeed. Rolex throttle back the supply of the steels and focus on their added value precious metal varieties.

Just been through all of this with the GMT. New it’s £6800 and a non deposit waiting list of over a year, flipped watches are around £15k.

Surprised no one has taken the Rolex dealers to the ASA for advertising a product they don’t have in stock.



Where is Dom? I need my watch tinkered with


here he be


£6.5k. No date required, fuck that Cyclops shit.


Sea Dweller then :slight_smile:


I likey. They are quite a thick watch tho, the Sea Dweller?

Going into town tomorrow to try a few on and see what looks best.

There isn’t much difference between a sub and dweller apart from strap ? Or am I being amateurish?


They are rated to do deeper, that just makes them kind of cool, helium escape valve etc.

Though for £6.5k you could get this:

And the bestest watch ever:


I want a moon watch.

Rolex are the BMW 320d of watches.


^^ yer MAW


All the best people want a moon watch.