What’s it made of ? Depleted uranium?



Forgot to mention that I only need it to be water resistant to 6ft.


I was going for bucket resistant.


That too, but just in case I drop my bucket in the pool when I’m on holiday again in Oct.

Did I mention that ?


DOM…DOMMMMMM …where the fuck are you?

There be lunatics here posting many gash watches… help.


Rolex are to watches what Glenfiddich is to malt whiskey.

People who know nothing about either subject have heard of them and consider them a mark of quality, says more for their successful marketing than the products.


I’m after a SS Daytona white face. New.

I won’t pay mark up. If anyone knows where I can get on a wait list I will. Deposit not an issue.

I would prefer to wait than buy new used at a premium.


You and about a million others on that wait list. The flipping will be immediate and double the price.

Am liking this special edition Autavia, made for an on line forum owner as a limited edition of 100, they got permission from the Siffert family to use his signature, It’s a very nice moden version of the original watch.


Nah, they have fucked that up something rotten, original was subtle, that is gash.


Here is the original. in its 1970s C style case, which I don’t like so I beg to differ :slight_smile:


a later re-issue, still 1970s, just using the Siffetr colours

and here is the original round case Autavia



Don’t much care for the bracelet on those 70s jobbies, so yes the repro does improve on that.


Today I bought a brand spangly new milgauss (black, GV) from an AD for £1000 LESS than list … :grinning:


FFS Pay attention.

Oh and when I went to see him a couple of weeks ago there was a Subby in the window.


This, darling, is the watch you need.

Well, not that one exactly as it is mine. But one just like it.


Yes, quite like Explorers also… but my heart belongs to the sea.




I had a 16660 “transitional” for quite a while.

It’s one of the very, very few watches I kind of regret selling.

Worth a lot more now than I got for it.

I also had a “deep sea” - that was an unwieldy lump.


That is lovely. Nicest watch on the Bucket Rolex thread so far, imo.


The size of the deep sea doesn’t bother me, but the ring around the dial is hideous.