Weirdly that ring didn’t bother me in person, when you actually look directly at the dial it’s not obvious.

But the whole ensemble rode very top-heavy - kind of reminded me of this

which when paired with the infamous Valjoux 7750 rotor wobble frequently threatened to propel itself into orbit.


Really hate the thing that Rolex do now putting silver outlines around the markers on the dial.


It’s white gold, can’t say I mind it, not sure it’s that recent, late 80s maybe?


Indeed - that reference was made from 1978 to 88, I think mine was 87 (judging by the serial no).


Going to try a few on tonight and see what suits… If any.


It seems you can’t just saunter into the main Rolex dealer and buy a new Submariner or Sea Dweller.

They have none. They are getting a consignment in from Rolex next week but they have no idea what it consists of until they open it.

Fuck your waiting list bullshit, I’m going to email Dom. If I’m going to have to wait then id rather wait for him and give him the wedge.


:+1: You’re on a hiding to nothing with high street dealers.

See how you get on with Dom - I’m certain he’ll be able to find you something nice, but if it doesn’t work out please give me a shout and I’ll put you onto my “go to guy” who probably has 10 subs kicking around at any given time, from the regular to the absurdly rare.


Roger that.


I still want to know someone who knows a dealer who will put me on a list for a Daytona and take my deposit. I’ll wait.


I once knew a guy who just phoned round every Rolex dealership in the country and got himself on the wait list for a steel Daytona where he could.

As they dribbled in over the years he’d just flip them straight on for several grand instant profit.

I don’t think this is, or at least was, particularly uncommon.

What I’m trying to say is that most dealers will only allocate a Daytona to someone with whom they have a “relationship” i.e. someone they know, in person, and who has bought lots of stuff in the past.


Basically, forget it, or pay double the price.

Better off going s/h if you really really want one.

Problem is with a Daytona everyone thinks that you’re wearing a fake anyway, which won’t bother you I know cos you’ll know it’s real.


At least if you get an older one, it’ll have a decent (Zenith) movement :+1:


There’s one less than a year old on watchfinder at the moment


Black face. Prefer white I think.
And I would prefer to wait rather than pay double.

I agree a dealer needs a relationship, hence why I’m asking if anyone has one and knows someone who would put me on a genuine list.


Do you know anyone who travels through Heathrow or Dubai a fair bit, who would have the spare cash/space on their credit card to pick one up for you? The airport ADs seem to get them in occasionally, and due to their location don’t operate waiting lists.


Ive searched all over and they seem to be unobtanium without a wait.
Like a lot of luxury goods you have to be on the “list” to get stuff new. Dealers just laugh me out the door as they can’t get any, and those that can already have sales sorted.


Just get a JLC and stop fucking around with all this tat.


…or maybe an Audemars or Patek :+1:


Yep, Rolex are a shit Company to buy from, that’s for sure.


I also don’t get the appeal of the watches, don’t think there’s a single item in their stable that I’d actually want to own / wear, prices aside.