Haven’t you heard of Tipp-Ex?




Don’t be so negative :slight_smile:


I can’t be bothered to scroll back and see who was after one, but I spotted a Rolex Submariner in a shop in Chichester yesterday. A 1979 model for £11500. It was the shop by the clock tower in the city centre.


Like this watch.


My favourite watchmaker.


This shop has a white Daytona in the window


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fuckall use to me sadly


Good to see you back, how’s married life? :+1:


Hi Guy,

May well appreciate the help of your ‘man’.

Spoke to Doms place and they have nowt at the mo.

The high street is a waste o’ time as you said.

Think I’ve decided on a relatively new one certainly with the ceramic bezel, without date.

Stainless steel natch. You think he could help?


Plenty for sale online - how much are you prepared to pay, though?


About six and a half large.

There are many on-line 'tis true but a trusted source, such as Guy’s dealer, may be preferable but if not Watchmaster et all, it will be.

Just never bought from somewhere like that before to be honest.


I’ve asked.

I’ll obviously put you in contact if there’s any traction, but probably best not muddying the waters with multiple people and mail addresses in the first instance.

I’m sure if you wanted a flying tourbillon perpetual calendar that was once owned by Haile Selassie then it wouldn’t be a problem, but a steel no-date sub might be a big ask.


Can’t ask for any more than that.


Does this chap have any clout for a new Daytona? I would prefer to wait however long it takes and get new at list.
Not pay double and get now!


Never. Gonna. Happen.


^^^ what he said

Well, an authorised dealer will sell you a Daytona at list. If Rolex caught him selling it for more they’d take away his dealership.

However when he does so, he’s effectively handing you several thousand pounds in cash.

So he’d need a pretty good reason to sell to you in particular. How do your reasons stack up against everyone else’s?


They don’t. It’s aboit anyone else who knows a guy who has some sway :smirk:

All about who you know, as you know!


About to make an offer on a 2015 sub.

Only thing that I’m hesitating over is the dial. I quite like the smaller indices from the older subs but they seem to be tritium and not the superluminova ones and then you factor in servicing on the older versions…

Most modern subs have the maxi dial.

First world problem I know, but I don’t plan on buying another watch for the rest of my natch after this.


Servicing will be same on either. An older Tritium watch is unlikely to glow any more, and getting that restored is almost impossible, if you want it to glow get a recent one.

I like the current dials, in person things look quite a lot different to giant blown up photos.