Yeah want to get the glow. Modern it is.

Fuck it. Trigger pulled tomorrow. Gratuitous pics incoming …



That’s the 335d with shit body kit version.


Bought the bastard. I feel sick, but slightly excited and giddy.


Pictures man, pictures.


It’s been taken off the website now.

Exactly as this but from 2015.


where’s the date?


Personally, I prefer the blue faced ones.


That cyclops is ugly. Now that I am approaching middle age I’m going to try and keep my mind active by remembering the date for the whole day. :slight_smile:

Plus… It’s a nod to the original Submariner which didn’t have a date.


A word to the wise, don’t wear it when going to quote.


I like the blue also but a touch gauche for my simple tastes.


Absolutely not my style. G shock for that malarkey.

This is purely for golf club duties.


So, you have bought a trinket to impress the other golfing twinks :rofl:


Absolutely. The allure of my quality Swiss timepiece coupled with my Transit key fob will leave all in no doubt I’m big league.

You know you’ve made it when you see your name on a tranny.




Isn’t it great when people complete the joke that was already made?


Only when I do it :stuck_out_tongue:


Cheers Paul I’ve just successfully used that code so I owe you a pint or three. :beer::beer::beer:


Landing by 1pm tomorrow.


or in Rolex time 1:10 pm