Droll. :slight_smile:



How did you get into my old kitchen in Edinburgh?






Please don’t post the photos when you drop that chavtastic lump of tin into your bucket.


Rolex bingo… you’ve just scored 10 points.

5 for ‘chav’ and 5 for ‘tin’ .

You could have got a cool twenty for ‘fishing weight’ ‘boat anchor’ blah blah. :slight_smile:


It is a lovely thing.



… and that’s it I’m spent.

I’ll repost in his thread in another twenty years. :slight_smile:


Wot? No points for ‘bucket’?



Watch out for mopeds


318d with badge delete.


Should have got a Sea Dweller.


i know a submariner who’s got one of them :slight_smile:


Tried a Submariner and GMT the other day, dial is too small for me. Without my reading glasses on those watches don’t make sence for me. However, I do have my name down with a few dealers for a GMT so will let that run for a couple of months to see if I can get one to flip.

in the meantime, this larger Rolex (42mm), the Explorer II is rather nice, more importantly it is more easily available. Very handy when caving or working in an Arctic winter :slight_smile: . On a more practical note the 24hr hand can be set independently, so you end up with a two time zone GMT on a fixed bezel. I like the look of it and it retains value fairly well. Certainly one for my list.

PS, Rolex are still a shit firm to do business with, that doesn’t change.


I don’t like usually like Rolex designs Bob, but that one is nice. The proportions of the face, bezel and hands are just right :ok_hand:


On the other hand, I don’t really like it that much (as opposed to actually disliking it…).

At first glance I thought it was a 1990’s TAG Heuer.


I was left some money by my late Dad and rather than fritter it away I’ve ordered a CW C60 Trident Pro 600 so it will be a nice memento of him