Great idea Allan :+1:


Nice watch. I have a soft spot for CW.


lovely watch, nicer than the bling bling rolex.


I think I have just found a new watch for the number two position in my list of watches I would like. The Grand Seiko Springdrive Snowflake. A technical tour de force from Seiko, again. The finish is gorgeous and the price, well, I think if it had been Swiss then it would be 50% more.

This link to Hodinkee give you all the blurb, but essentially the drive utilities a self generated current to excite a quartz crystal, which then adjusts an electomagnetic feild which used as a brake on the main spring. Less than 60 secs over two years in terms of accuracy.


image emphasized text


Nice looking watch Bob…but the name - it’s got to be Jap! :laughing:


Yup, they really haven’t figured out that whole branding thing, yet. Mind you, once they do understand that at least half the price needs to be spunked on marketing, the prices will go up. Grand Seiko is now a separate enterprise from Seiko, maybe over the next ten years they will make the brand more exclusive (expensive), but that name will need to change.

If it’s like anything else Japansese, just find some name associated with some kind of ancient craft in Japan and you’re away. As in HiFi, the marketing types can have a field day with Japanese history and culture:)


Not sure about that gothic font though, it’s ok on the front of a Bavarian shop but looks a bit Nazi on a watch to me.


The second hand sweeps beautifully on those watches mind.


Apple Watch with fall detection a clever idea if it works - might get one each for my ageing parents :thinking:


I have had my Explorer II for twenty years now. Mine is smaller as I have dainty wrists.
I like it.


I now have a list of half a dozen watches to try. I will pop into Manc in early Oct and see if I can’t find them all in one watch dealer scum shop.


Now they have parted company from Seiko, the verbage on the dial has changed somewhat, but the font remains the same :slight_smile:


Love the snowflake finish on the dial.


Unfortunately Grand Seiko are no longer the underground classics the used to be - there is now a London ‘Boutique’ and their watches top out in the 13-15k range…

If you want truly mental Seikos - check out the credor range…


Nice to come home from a shitty day at work to this

Changed my mind on the model and went instead for the Trident 300 and a Velvet Vortex for the price of the 600 GMT so delighted.

This pic makes it look huge at 43mm but it’s a nice size even on my skinny wrists although the bracelet is still too big :disappointed:

I’m well chuffed and will be a lovely memento of my old Dad for years to come.


I like that, nicely understated and refined.


It’s beautifully made and has a nice weight to it but not too heavy - bargain at the price I think.


Was just looking at it on the website, noticed it’s quartz as well :+1: I can’t be doing with automatic watches now as they are just too much faff.

Reminds me of the Omega Seamaster but that trident on the second hand is very cool.


Same here Chris :+1:

I wasn’t sure the black face would be as nice as the white on the 600 I was going to go for but it’s just a nice in the flesh.


Has anyone got any views or experience on selling on sites such as Watchmaster etc?

I am going to sell my older seamaster quartz. It is immaculate and was serviced and polished up by Dom a few years back. Bought in 2002.