You must have a good memory Jim :grin:


Not good enough to remember that post you’re replying to…:laughing:


That’ll be the alzheimers :roll_eyes:


Liking the Breguet Marine, in its basic form without either the chrono or dual time comps. Something about a watch in its basic form that looks just right.


on another note, we have the Type 22, a 10Hz flyback chrono & dual time, also likey



Someone died diving just off Bovisand this week. Not sure if he was in the Plymouth club.


Dodgy pastime,i’ll try and find out what happened next week.


Wrong fred


No fucking idea how that happened. I’ve not been in this tread today. :crazy_face:


Now that is rather nice. Hadn’t realised the bezel rotates too, although I suspect not many would use it as a divers watch. I had a look to see if they do a Memovox version, unfortunately not. The last one of those I could find was a limited edition based on the Master line and it’s predecessor.


Bit rich for my pocket.


when I was going through my watch collecting phase, I always fancied a vintage Memovox. These days I only wear my Samsung Smart watch. I do change the face from time to time though.


Certainly is for mine, even the “used” ones are £9k, most of which I think are grey imports anyway. I think my mechanical alarm watch itch can be scratched for less than £100.


That’s me out then




Stay away from eBay/port combination. Two down, four to go…


Don’t look directly into it :dizzy_face:





Well, after a shitty, shitty year the wife decided I needed cheering up and bought me this:

Blue Breitling Superocean Heritage II 46 with mesh bracelet.

I’ve been hanging my nose over them in shop windows for a while but was dithering as I wasn’t quite sure. As soon as it went on my wrist I fell in love. It’s the updated version with the ceramic bezel and Breitling / Tudor collaboration movement. Chuffed would be an understatement.



I’ve always loved that mesh bracelet too.


Anyone know anything about this? Belongs to a mate. He wants to know.