1970s written all over it. Can find a few that are similar but all seem to be the same incabloc Valjous 7733 movement. Can he get the back off and see whats engraved on the movement. I’ve read the name as Rhudus?

I would be hazarding a guess that many watch makers just branded the same basic designs and sold them as cheaper copies of the bigger brands. Styling cues from Heuer and others, such as



It’s Rhodos, and they used the Valjoux 7734 and 7733 in their chronographs.


Interesting vid on internals.

Part deux,

I would love to have this kind of dexterity.


Oh and no Rolex hate… @ICHM yes … that means you. :slight_smile:


You would think that with all that ‘precision’ it would keep good time :rofl::rofl::rofl:


You forget… I’m a plumber. Accurate time is not high on my list of priorities.

Other than the opening times of Greggs that is.




Even that won’t matter soon.


Oh yeah!


Fuck me, that’s depressing.

The Police should park up outside these drive through places and nick anyone who is distracted from their driving by eating and drinking.


Drive through sausage rolls - how to ruin your car’s upholstery in 30 seconds.


John ( Mr. Me) over on the Wam is selling one of these at £250, sold out by the maker. Seems like a good price for a real diving watch.







Unlikely to be a chronometer of any description


Not even a superlative one?


An expletive one maybe


Teleclepsydra has a certain ring to it.


I know some of you are more acquainted with Christopher Ward as a brand but I had a browse through their divers range and liked what I saw. These two caught the eye -