Ooooo! Like the stealth black one :+1:


i cant help feeling i want the crown and lugs to be black as well


Yep - you’re right :ok_hand:


I do like the Tridents…


If anyone is thinking of buying a Christopher Ward - I got a voucher from them yesterday for £100 off any watch over £500 - it’s valid by ordering online or by phone.

Paul @Mrs_Maureen_OPinion very kindly supplied me with one when I bought mine so only fair to do the same.

PM me if interested. :+1:


Me too.

But I binned mine :grin:


I lost my lovely now deleted C5 Aviator :tired_face:


Eek :flushed:


I am hoping my Dad picked it up and put it somewhere safe and it will turn up eventually.
He is 90 this year with dementia and I stay with him one or two nights a week.

I bought this daily wearer in a sale in the meantime


I hope so Kev.

Nice watch as well.


If you want to get the Christopher Ward discount but don’t have a paper voucher, order online and use the discount code 100SPRING19


I popped in to see Dom on Friday, he had a breitling chronograph in bits on his bench. The original mechanical chrono.

I took a look through the microscope, it was amazing. Then he showed me a little tray full of the tiniest screws and bits I’d ever seen. He said “those are quite big compared to some”. Honestly, one sneeze and the whole tray of bits would be lost forever. Amazing stuff.


Has he given up on forums for good Jim?

I used to enjoy his input.


Ressence oil filled watch :thinking:


$34,000. Have you bought one Jim?




Forget the watch, I’m liking that post as it’s a photo and not just a url or 500 lines of random text.


No Dave…I didn’t see the price :flushed:


Well done Dave, I do like the first one.


Belgium’s finest. They’re great in person.

I’d have one, but money.