That’s decent.



And yours for £695. £595 with voucher code.



Unless your liver spots have suddenly cleared up, that can’t be yours…:thinking:

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This dropped through the letterbox today.

Had the hankering for an ‘explorer’ type watch and given I don;t have a spare £5k for a current model Rollex hanging around that wouldn’t have me de-bollocked by the Mrs if I spent it on something as trivial as a watch I was on the look out for something cheaper.

Zeno did a 36mm version which you can sometimes pick up on eBay for an extortionate amount, Alpha do a current 39mm version Homage, but their logo takes over the dial to my eyes and just screams ‘not a rolex but want to be’. There are others but they either seem to be discontinued, intermittently produced or only available via import and so attract a higher price.

Timefactors ‘Everest’ variant has some good reviews and a tenuous link to history via the Smiths name and homage styling rather than just being a ‘we dunned a Rolex’ kind of thing. It’s also 40mm which is about the smallest watch I can wear on my fat wrists.
This is the revised Mk2 version with the sapphire xtal instead of acrylic, shorter minute / second markers, longer hands and a new buckle with ‘glide lock a like’ expansion adjustment. I got this and the RAF style ‘Bond’ nato strap you can see in the picture for the princely sum of £360.
The watch itself is stunning, not just stunning for the money like a £60 Parnis is, it’s a thing of beauty, the dial is like hotblack desiatos space ship or the cover of a Spinal tap album, the text on the dial - initially just simply ‘SMITHS’ until you notice the subtle grey ‘EVEREST’ beneath makes the Rolex equivalent look like the drivers door of a max power Honda. The hands and inner dial markings have excellent lume and the shortened minute / second markers are just right, especially when distorted by the lovely domed sapphire crystal (AR coated inside naturally).
The case flows and has polished and brushed surfaces to add interest. The crown, though unsigned, is screw down (100m WR) and has an easy action.There are drilled lugs to make changing straps a breeze.
The bracelet is serviceable, has solid links and the deployant clasp is perhaps a little chunky for some but is eminently practical. I’ve seen this watch on brown leather and nato’s and that’s probably where mine will end up however the supplied bracelet is amazing for the money.

There is a smaller more ‘historically accurate’ 36mm version also available for slightly less money and I believe white face ‘polar’ versions are incoming this year.



That’s lovely mate.



What is the movement?



It’s a Miyota (citizen) automatic IIRC. So a pretty robust and widely available one.



Here’s a link to it on the Timefactors website…

Some of their other watches look rather nice too but I’ve run out of brownie points with the wife for now… she needs a few spa days and the like so I can start moaning she’s spending too much on herself so I can justify another splurge…

The guy who sells them also runs the TZ-UK watch forum which is somewhere else that I hang out on line…



I’ve been looking forward to the new Timefactors Smiths Everest 36mm version, in the White dial…the 40mm is a bit too big for my girly wrist



I do quite like the look of the white dial and I’m really hoping he does one at 40mm as 36 is just too small for my fat bastard wrists.




On the metal bracelet that looks good but the white leather is just fucking awful.



Picked up a new watch today - a Tudor Black Bay 58



Very nice Ray!



I really like that. The only thing with Tudor that has put me off in the past, is the square hour hand thing.

Suspect it looks different in real life tho.



Yep, like that.



Very pleased with my purchase. The standard Black Bay at 41mm is too chunky for my wrists but the 39mm is perfect. I left my name as an interested buyer with a dealer a few months ago and got the call I’ve been hoping for today.

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