I really fancy a Tudor. In fact I’m just suffering watch cravings in general.


Gratuitous watch photo.


Go for a Pelagos for those dainty wrists?


Also feel the need for a Seamaster.


Seems like a nice deal at $380

Lots of options, sw200 movement.


Why do they have to put the word combat on it? Spoils a nice watch


It’s the name of the model, all the manufacturers seem determined to put as much nonsense on the dial as possible.




A new stem and some final fettling and I think it’s usable.


They certainly do, Rolex go for War and Peace on theirs!


Would much prefer an original Sea Dweller :heart_eyes:



Here’s my two


Nice. I love a Speedy.




Great watch, I’d keep that out of the two, it’s so versatile with straps.


Thought you would notice that…


Haha yes! 38 games, and people think hifi and watches are expensive. :slight_smile:


I don’t have any AES but I have an MVS in a 29” Jamma Cab.


Spotted the Jpn Neo Geo carts and thanked my luck that I pulled away from that money pit years ago. Tidy collection must be worth a few bob.