MVS is the way to go, I used to own two taito egret 2 cabinets but had to sell them.

I sold AES metal slug 2 and X on a forum in 2006 for £260 each, they went on eBay last week for £2900 each.

Cries into hands


I’d love a candy cab :sob:

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38 games and system, nothing super rare - around £8500

Dare I ask for an explanation in plain English or is this best left in game geek language :slight_smile:

AES is the home neogeo console MVS is the arcade hardware. The games and hardware are much the same but the cartridges are not interchangeable.

AES games were £200+ new in the 90s so are rare, games like Metal slug have a cult following and are now worth serious money in AES form.

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Spendy faff? I am shocked this is popular :slightly_smiling_face:

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I bought a game recently for £850 that sells months later for £1600+ - great games you can have fun playing and definitely not lose money on.

Spendy indeed, a blast from my past is a tidy sum. Dare I look at Space Invader pub tables?

I cheat and use a mvs board with a multi game cart :grin: you can get one that boots the games off an sd card now as well.

No idea what you friggers are talking about, but that is a pair of beauties for sure.

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Latest arrival…

It’s a pleasing wee thing, albeit I’m not a fan of the “comfort” of metal bracelets.


‘Kin ‘ell, where have you been? :man_shrugging:t3::laughing:

Buying a watch :smile:

The writing seems to have fallen off the dial…

me neither, i prefer rubber

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Or is it a 24hr watch?

I was looking at something similar on Massdrop. I cannot make my mind up though.

Welcome back you baggy old cunt BTW.

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I’m ambivalent about bands. Metal or leather or handcuffs, I don’t mind.

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