Obvs for Volvo owners :+1:


I’ve got an Oris like that (BC3) but it had a rubber bracelet which I swapped out for a leather one, it’s a 43mm and bloody huge

The rotary was only around £100 and is very good for the money


It’s bronze. It’s the future doncha know :+1:


If it’s not the size of a dinner plate it’s meh…


Sodders says it’s shit when he’s bladdered, so it goes straight to the top on my list…yisss! :laughing:


Bladdered or not, he was right, it does look shit. :grinning:


That’s the thing with watches though, isn’t it, they’re so personal…


Another one for my shortlist.


That’s actually quite nice.


I’ll have you know that the current Mrs Cloth will testify to me being electric in bed.

She always gets a quick shock.

I thangyeeeewhoo. :slight_smile:


Sorry for the vandalism, but go for a Panerai, unusual and only other users will recognise the.
I sold mine on about 15 years on for about £200 loss


Panny prices have gone up to a point where I no longer see them as good value for money.


Were you dressed as Widow Twanky? :flushed:


Rado are Tissot without the same brand recognition and resale value.


A bit more than I want to spend Vasken.

If I was worried about brand recognition Kev, I’d probably be spending a lot more. I doubt I’ll be selling it either.

To me, the biggest difference is that Tissot are made from normal metals but Rado are made from ceramics, which are amazingly scratch resistant but quite a lot heavier.



Beginning to think the internet might have it for you and your links Dave.


This is nice and the price is just right @ £1100


Why what’s wrong?


Nothing that a quick bit of editing didn’t fix :wink:

(is what the makeup girl says to you on set)